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The Bullet Bar is on Vacation

Starting at 12 AM on Monday, March 16th, The Bullet Bar will be on vacation. The Bullet is ready for a little nip and tuck. If all fares well, we plan to reopen Wednesday, April 1st, 2020. (UPDATE: As of March 27, 2020, our reopening date has been postponed until further notice.)
How appropriate.
Do not misinterpret the jovial context in this message, as I understand the implications of this closure will affect many people, including my staff and our customers. I am very emotional, as I write this. I never imagined that I would have to temporarily close this bar. In 30 years, neither my partner Daddy Bob, or myself, have had any reasons for closure, including after the ABC busted us for an infraction during a beer bust and we had a 20 day suspension that was over twenty years ago, when we originally purchased The Bullet Bar. Daddy Bob and I were financially insolvent. We served only soda and times were tough through the suspense. It was the family of customers that helped us weather the storm.
My thoughts are with my thousands of customers, both old and new, who have, and always will, consider The Bullet their home.
I assure you that measures have been taken to help provide for my staff during this vacation. I consider them, and all of you, my family.
I have always used the same analogy to explain The Bullet. To me, it has always been similar to an apple pie cut into many slices. Every slice represents the different types of people, and here they can come together to make something very special. Everyone is welcome and included, and together we make one delicious pie. It's this community that represents the true wealth of my life.
The only rule with my bar is that you cannot piss on the new concrete flooring on the patio. Because if I can't, you can't.
We will get through this as a nation, community, family and individuals. And, we will come out of it soon and stronger than ever.
I sincerely wish each & everyone of you reading this message my best wishes for good health & happiness until we see one another once again on April 1st.
- Michael Lara
Proud owner of The Bullet Bar
and Member of The Community

Wash Your Hands!Stay Healthy!Stay Informed!

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